Colors that make me feel, designs that liberate me

A 2-way tote bag designed by a psychological counselor of color that collects the voices of working women.

airo = I color

--Color approached from color psychology


BLACK is the most popular color in the workplace. The lining is BLUE and GREEN reminiscent of nature. relax. It is a color that is gentle on tired eyes and gives a feeling of freedom and peace.


GRAY is a color that harmonizes with any color. The lining is PINK, which makes you feel gentle and happy. Self-affirmation. It's a color that gently envelops you when you're tired of trying to fit in with your surroundings.

positive balance

NAVY is a color that conveys a sense of responsibility and sincerity. The lining is YELLOW and GREEN like a sunflower. positive balance. It is a color that makes you feel bright and positive while creating harmony.


MOCHA is a color that gives you a sense of fulfillment and stability. The lining has a friendly and cheerful shade of ORANGE . communication. It is a color that conveys a desire to improve and proactively connect with those around you in a positive manner.


SAGE is a color that gives you a sense of calm and security. The lining is warm YELLOW and BEIGE . Hope. It is a color that gives you a sense of accomplishment and joy that gives you a boost.

intellectual freedom

BEIGE is a color that makes you feel gentle and soft. The lining has shades of BLUE that evoke a feeling of carefree openness. intellectual freedom. It is a color that makes you feel imaginative and inquisitive, making it easy to concentrate on your own thoughts.

Why is color psychology necessary?
Unexpected events have occurred, and it has become commonplace to live with an uncertain future in mind. In the midst of all this, I'm sure many of you are taking a second look at yourself and realizing that you are mentally unwell.
When you want to take care of yourself, one way to improve your skin is to use the effects of color.
Color not only has a beautiful appearance, but by incorporating it, you can expect it to have a therapeutic effect on the mind. It also has the advantage of being easy to incorporate into daily life, regardless of age or gender.
*The color psychology introduced here is based on the "Suenaga Heart & Color Method."
It shows the general image and tendency of color, and the perception of color changes depending on the individual, era, culture, and the intention behind using it.
Airo was planned and designed by a designer from Rootot who is a color psychology counselor (certified by "Color School"), a color designer ( A / F / T certified), and a first-class color coordinator (A / F / T certified). Ta.

--Designed to relieve stress

①Reducing the burden on the body due to weight

The weight of the main body is approximately 450g.
Lighter than a single plastic bottle. By making the main unit itself lighter, it will reduce the burden on your body as much as possible.
PC storage with urethane inside.
There is also cushioning on the inside, so it holds your PC firmly. It is also designed to prevent back pain.

Soft cushioned shoulders that won't put strain on your shoulders. It also reduces the burden on your shoulders and scratches on your clothes due to heavy luggage.

The two handles support the load in a well-balanced manner. Because the tape is thick, there is less strain on your hands.

Organize your luggage with a loop pocket and bottle holder

Sized to fit work tools such as a laptop and personal luggage. It has a capacity of approximately 12.5L that can also store lunch boxes and bottles.

Loop pocket with external divider. Click here if you want to get something right away. It has a double zipper so you can quickly access it from either the left or right side.

Inside upper part has a zippered pocket. For storing valuables etc.

There are bottle holders and pockets for small items on both sides of the inside.

③Easy to use anytime, anywhere

A feeling of size that snuggles up to the body. It fits neatly into your personal space even on trains.
A form that stands firmly on its own. The main unit is easy to place even in small spaces such as cafes, and it can be smoothly inserted and removed from luggage.

Water repellent for peace of mind even on rainy days. You can go out without worrying about the weather.
The tape on the shoulder adjustment part does not hang down. Stay smart without dragging while on the move.

--Episodes related to Airo

In today's world, we live in a world where it is easy to feel confused due to the diversity of choices due to information overload, and to feel a sense of self-doubt when comparing the lifestyles of others.

The designer of ROOTOTE , a color psychology counselor, interviewed 30 working women in various occupations about their lifestyles, bags, and belongings.

What I realized after facing real values ​​is the diversity of women living in modern times. It is also the diversity within each individual's heart. Through work, one's mind fluctuates and changes in various ways, including feelings of discomfort, stress, responsibility, joy, and a sense of accomplishment. Amid such changes, we are searching for our individuality and the right balance for ourselves.

We thought about what kind of tote bag these women would need and tried to develop it.

Our aim was to have people feel more like themselves through the use of tote bags.

After a lot of trial and error, we completed the 2-way tote bag `` airo '' for working women.

What kind of interview did you conduct with a working woman?

We conducted color work in which students were asked to express their feelings using colors, and independently investigated the relationship between colors and the feelings of working women.

We asked them to express colors and related keywords under the themes of "work," "stress," "hobbies/talents," and "healing/relaxation." At the same time, we also interviewed working women about their stress and demands regarding bags. By interviewing each person face-to-face and communicating with them through color, we were able to touch upon many of the inner aspects of working women.

Message for airo

Messages to Airo from working women involved in product development
This bag will remind you to think about the future and make choices that will allow you to take on new challenges. Color has become one of the important elements when I want to expand my range. I also like that it stands on its own and has a divider so you can organize your documents.
Management Planning CI
I now enjoy walking to work every day. It's water-repellent, so you can use it stress-free even on rainy days, so it's comfortable. I think it would be interesting to choose a bag based on the meaning of the color so that you can work better. I feel like I've found a new me.
Human resources coordinator AK

It's very refreshing to be able to choose new colors that aren't just based on likes or dislikes. The glimpse of the colorful lining will get you excited. It would be fun to choose the color of the lining. I think this bag is just the right size, neither too big nor too small.

Human resources coordinator AO
It's a bag that looks simple, yet fun to use, and that you'll want to take with you when you go out. The coloring on the inside has a soothing effect on the eyes and mind. Even if you feel pressured at work, you can feel refreshed. The front pocket was very useful while traveling on the train.
Rutoto Gallery Shop Management MO
When it comes to work bags, we tend to focus on functionality and take a backseat to design, but Airo is a bag that is light, has plenty of storage space, and has plenty of functionality, while also having a simple design and fun colors. Next, I'm going to choose from the color combinations that seem to be what I need!
Group company PR SI

--5 items for women who work in their own way



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