Colors that make me feel, designs that set me free

A 2-way tote that collects the voices of working women thought by a color psychology counselor

airo = I's color

-- Episodes related to Airo

――Airo = I's color

In today's world, it is easy to feel lost due to the diversity of choices due to information overload, and self-denial due to comparison with other people's lifestyles.

A designer from ROOTOTE , a color psychology counselor, interviewed 30 working women in various occupations about their lifestyles, bags, and belongings.

What I felt when facing real values ​​was the diversity of women living in the present age. It is also the diversity within each person's heart. Through working, the mind is shaken and changed in various ways, such as discomfort, stress, responsibility, joy, and a sense of accomplishment. In the midst of such changes, I am searching for the right balance for myself and for myself.

I wondered what kind of tote bag they would need, and tried to develop it.

The goal was to use the tote bag to allow people to spend their time in their own way.

After various trials and errors, the 2-way tote " airo " for working women was completed.

What is an interview with a working woman?

Performing color work to express one's feelings with colors, and independently investigating the relationship between colors and the feelings of working women.

They expressed colors and related keywords on the themes of "work", "stress", "favorite things/talents", and "healing/relaxation". At the same time, we also interviewed working women's stress and requests for bags. I was able to touch a lot of inner parts of working women by interviewing them face-to-face and face-to-face with each and every one of them.

Message for airo

Messages to Airo from working women who were involved in product development
Think about the future and make choices that will allow you to take on new challenges. When I want to expand my range, color has become one of the important elements. I also like the fact that it stands on its own and comes with a partition so you can organize your documents.
Corporate planning CI
I really enjoy walking on my daily commute. It's water-repellent, so you can use it without stress even on rainy days, so it's comfortable. I think it would be interesting to choose a bag based on the meaning of the color so that you can work better. I feel like I've found a new me.
Human resources coordinator AK

It's very fresh to be able to choose a new color that is not just likes and dislikes. The colorful lining that you can glimpse will increase your tension. It would be fun to choose the color of the lining. I think this bag is just the right size, not too big and not too small.
Personnel coordinator AO
While it looks simple, it's fun to use, and you'll want to take it with you when you go out. The inner coloring has a soothing effect on the eyes and mind. Even if you feel pressure at work, you can refresh yourself. The pocket on the front side was very useful while traveling by train.
Work bags tend to focus on functionality and design is secondary, but Airo is a bag that is light, has storage capacity, and is fully functional, while the design is simple and the colors are fun. Next time I will choose from the combination of colors that I think I need!
Group company PR SI

――Color approached from color psychology


BLACK is the color that is most active in the working scene. The lining is BLUE and GREEN , reminiscent of nature. relax. It is a gentle color for tired eyes that can feel freedom and peace.


GRAY is a color that harmonizes with any color. The lining is pink , which makes it easy to feel kindness and happiness. Self-affirmation. It's a color that gently envelops you when you're tired of trying to match your surroundings.

positive balance

NAVY is a color that evokes a sense of responsibility and sincerity. The lining is YELLOW and GREEN like a sunflower. positive balance. It is a color that makes you feel bright and positive while harmonizing.


MOCHA is a color that gives a sense of fulfillment and stability. The lining is a friendly and cheerful shade of ORANGE . communication. It is a color that makes you feel aspirations and positive feelings that positively connect with your surroundings.


SAGE is a color that gives a sense of calmness and security. Warm YELLOW and BEIGE for the lining. Hope. It is a color that makes you feel a sense of accomplishment and joy that boosts your back.

Why we need color psychology
Unexpected events have made it commonplace to live with an uncertain future in mind. In such a way, there may be a lot of people who have been able to take a look at themselves again and notice the malfunction of the heart.
When you want to take care of something, using the effect of color is also one of the improvement measures.
Colors are not only beautiful to look at, but by incorporating them, you can expect therapeutic effects that work on your mind. There is also an advantage that it is easy to incorporate into life regardless of age or gender.
*The color psychology introduced here is based on the Suenaga Heart & Color Method.
It shows the image and tendency of general colors, and the perception of color changes depending on the individual, the era, the culture, the intention of using it, etc.
Airo was planned and designed by Root Tote designers, who are color psychology counselors (“Color School” certified), color designers ( A F T certified), and first-class color coordinator (A F T certified). Ta.

――Design for stress relief

Reduce the burden on the body due to weight

The weight of the main body is about 450g.
Lighter than a plastic bottle. Lighten the body itself and lighten the burden on the body even a little.
PC storage with urethane inside.
The inside is also cushioned, so it holds your PC firmly. It is a specification that does not hurt your back.

A soft cushioned shoulder that does not place a burden on the shoulder. It also reduces the burden on your shoulders due to heavy luggage and scratches on your clothes.

The two handles provide a well-balanced and firm support for your luggage. The use of thick tape reduces the burden on your hands.

Organize your luggage with roux pockets and bottle holders

A size that fits work tools such as laptops and private luggage. It has a capacity of about 12.5L that can store lunch boxes and bottles.
External lou pocket with divider. Click here for the items you want to take out immediately. It has a double zipper so that you can quickly take it out on either the left or right side.

Inside top pocket with zipper. For storing valuables, etc.
There are bottle holders and pockets for small items on both sides of the inside.

Easy to use anytime, anywhere

A feeling of size that snuggles up to the body. It fits neatly in your personal space even on a train.
A form that stands on its own. The main unit is easy to place even in a small space such as a cafe, and you can smoothly put it in and take it out of your luggage.

Water repellent finish for peace of mind even on rainy days. You can go out without worrying about the weather.
It is a specification that the tape of the shoulder adjustment part does not hang down. Smart without dragging on the move.

――5 items for women who work like themselves

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