A neat tote, sometimes a backpack

Comfortable tote bag that converts into a backpack by moving the handle


--"I want to use a backpack, but it doesn't match my outfit."

Work bags recommended for those who don't use backpacks

Backpacks are convenient for carrying your PC at work, but they tend to give a casual look. In situations where you want to look neat and tidy, such as a meeting at a visit, it can be difficult to combine them. "I want to use a backpack when carrying heavy items or when I want to free up my hands, but it doesn't go well with my clothes." Theoru busy was created in response to the voices of those who don't use backpacks who have such concerns. It's perfect for a clean style, and allows you to comfortably carry heavy items such as a PC .

--Change the way you hold it depending on the situation!

On days when you have a heavy PC or luggage, wear a simple, mature backpack. When you're visiting a place or on the train, just move the handle and it transforms into the popular vertical tote! A tote with a vertical silhouette does not get in the way when you are traveling by train, etc., and it is also said to enhance your overall style as it emphasizes the vertical lines of your whole body ♡

--Lots of comfort points.

Lighter than Mime! Approximately 740 grams.

The zipper pocket in the center of the main unit can hold A4 size documents, laptops , tablets, etc.

*W31×H22cm. Mac book Pro 13inch approx.

Business cards and IC card cases that you want to take out quickly can be stored in the "Loop Pocket".

Even if you have two smartphones for work, you can safely put them in your inner pocket. The lining is brightly colored, making it easy to find small items.

If you use it as a backpack, you will have both hands free, so you can carry two pieces of luggage.


MI Plaza Furukawa
Yamonjiya Tendo store
Mitsukoshi Kawagoe
atman atman Kichijoji store
Abu Abu 1st floor fashion goods
Keio Atman Keio Hachioji Store
Keio Atman Seiseki Sakuragaoka store
Keio Atman Fuchu store
Concierge Atre Kichijoji store
Seibu Shibuya store A building 2nd floor Western goods accessories
Marui Kokubunji store 2F bag section
ROOTOTE GALLERY Futakotamagawa store
Keio Atman Shinyurigaoka store
Shandelv Ofuna store
Marui Family Ebina Store 2F Bag Department
ROOTOTE GALLERY Yokohama Joinus Store
Grand Sax Kyoto
Umeda Loft
Yamaguchi Izutsuya
Miscellaneous goods store incube Tenjin store M3F
ROOTOTE GALLERY Maruya Gardens store

*Please note that products handled and arrival times may vary depending on the store. Please contact the store for details.

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