Tight tote, occasional rucksack

A comfortable tote bag that can be turned into a backpack by moving the handle.

-- "I want to use a backpack, but it doesn't match my clothes."

A work bag recommended for those who don't use backpacks

Backpacks are convenient for carrying a PC at work, but they tend to give off a casual impression. In scenes where you want to value the feeling properly, such as a meeting at a visitor, it can be difficult to combine. "I want to use a backpack when carrying heavy luggage or when I want to keep my hands free, but it doesn't match my outfit..." "Theoroo busy " responded to the voice of "a group that does not use backpacks" with such worries. Perfect for a neat style, you can comfortably carry heavy items such as a PC .

- Depending on the scene, change the way you hold it!

On days when you have a heavy computer or luggage, you can wear it in a mature simple rucksack style. If you move the handle quickly, you can transform it into a popular vertical tote when you are visiting or on the train! The tote with a vertically long silhouette does not get in the way when traveling on trains, etc., and it emphasizes the vertical lines of the whole body, so it has a reputation for improving the style of the whole body.

- Lots of comfort points.

Lighter than it looks! About 740 grams.

The zipper pocket in the center of the main unit can hold A4 size documents, laptops , tablets, etc.

*W31×H22cm. Macbook Pro 13 inch or so

Business cards and IC card cases that you want to take out quickly are in the "Lu Pocket".

Even those who have two smartphones for work can use it in the inner pocket for peace of mind. The bright color of the lining makes it easy to find small items.

If you use it as a backpack, both hands are free, so you can carry two items.



* Please note that the products handled and arrival times differ depending on the store. Please contact the store for details.

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