A 2-way tote bag for working women that can be carried on your back


ROOTOTE will make your wishes come true. The 2-way tote bag ``Seoru'' can be used as a backpack , so you can carry it in any way to suit the occasion, fashion, amount of luggage, etc. Introducing two series for working women !

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Colors that make me feel, designs that liberate me “ airo

A 2-way tote bag designed by a psychological counselor of color that collects the voices of working women.

airo = I color

・Point 1 Colors approached from color psychology

・Point2 Design to relieve stress

・Point 3 Episodes related to Airo

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A neat tote bag, sometimes a backpack “ CEO ROO busy

Comfortable tote bag that converts into a backpack by moving the handle

Point 1: Recommended for “people who don’t use backpacks”

・Change the way you hold it depending on the point2 situation!

Point3 Lots of comfort points

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