ai fujishima. × ROOTOTE

ai fujishima. × ROOTOTE

A tote bag that many people use on a daily basis.
Considering such a tote bag as a medium, through collaboration with various artists, we will send art to the world. Art collaboration project by ROOTOTE.

This time, we will introduce the works of illustrator ai fujishima., divided into two themes.

The first is " Re: "


ai fujishima. / Illustrator

Born in 1995.
I draw unrealistic and absurd things like daydreams


-Product Information-

teddy bear


flower garden





Size: W40×H44cm Handle 46cm
Pockets: 2 (1 outside / 1 inside)
Material: Cotton
Price: ¥4,400 (tax included)

Sale period: 12:00 PM on July 26th to 11:00 AM on August 16th
*It may take up to 10 days to ship. please note that


- On the release of this work "Re:" -

What I showed at my first solo exhibition were pen drawings that I had accumulated.

I still vividly remember that the joy that arose from the positive feedback that exceeded my expectations led to my confidence.


5 years since then .

What stood in front of me was a wall with no answer to the question, What is a painting that is unique to me? . It was a fatal issue for an illustrator, and I even tried to move away from drawing after being conflicted.


And this time

When I was thinking about what to draw, I looked back at a pen drawing I did five years ago. When I was so absorbed in drawing that I lost track of time with nothing special paper and pen. When I was drawing without thinking about what I am , but purely from the bottom of my heart thinking fun .


I drew a special pen drawing, which is also a starting point for me, "now".

The illustrations, which have been revived over time, not only made me rediscover the joy of drawing , but also encouraged me to make a fresh start as ai fujishima .


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