illustration "The Choice" × ROOTOTE 14th Collaboration

illustration "The Choice" x ROOTOTE 14th Collaboration

A collaboration between ROOTOTE and the magazine competition "The Choice" of " illustration ", which has produced many popular illustrators and is said to be the gateway to becoming a professional.

We will sell tote bags printed with the winning works in 2022 for a limited time from the following date and time.

Sale period: June 1st PM12:00 ~ July 19th PM12:00

Sales price: 3,850 yen (tax included)



[Grand Prize] Wang Rui
Let's go back to the forest-vol.02

Comment: Everything that exists in this world is connected to "time". I would like to continue to express the relationship between the work and "time" through the rhythm and dimension of the space, thinking from the work itself.


[Excellence Award] Ichiro
self catering

Comment: I would like to continue drawing while having fun so that my pictures can be seen in various places where pictures are needed, such as books, movies, and music!

[Excellence Award] Masatoshi Tabuchi


Comment: I drew it to drive a counter into myself. I want to draw pictures that can be drawn anywhere.

[Prize Winner] Asaba Marie
pool cleaning

Comment: I mainly create illustrations of wild animals and children. I would like to draw a picture that feels a story that gently touches the heartstrings.
[Prize Winner] Itta Abe
Blitzkrieg Bop

Comment: I want to do gentle and cute punk.

[Prize Winner] Mayumi Oku
Jump over

Comment: Aiming not to control too much, I made it to experiment while being excited by the chance. I make my own short storybooks and picture books. I like to express myself through pictures and words.

[Prize Winner] Satomi Kanno
American car that drifts through time

Comment: I was drawing thinking that it would be romantic to enter the season. I will continue to draw illustrations that drift through time. Please work!

[Prize Winner] SEIICHI
Ume and warblers

Comment: I draw pictures because I enjoy synthesizing stylish and strong images by combining colors, shapes, and textures, and seeing them for myself. Now I am heavily influenced by 80s-90s furniture and Fat lava.

List of winners (in alphabetical order)
AKO DOI, Takashi Asato, Iso, VVIN, Bun Endo, Ohashi Kuma, Okioyogu Aji, Nanami Ozawa, Hiroto Katsukura, kaho, Koterakumiko, Komatsu Tasuku, Ryo Sakuma, Yuki Shimahara, Eriko Shimamura, Shin Takahiko, Shin Younghee, Chinami, Momoka Teraoka, Yoko Tomita, Noriko, Aki Hirano, Kaori Fukushima, Hemmi Ren, Aki Horikita, Mako Kawai, Meriyasu Midori, Yukio “K” Solid, YONA



About “illustration” and “The Choice”

Magazine " illustration " is a specialized magazine launched in 1979 . For professional illustrators, those who aim to become professionals, and those who use illustrations, we introduce the works of popular illustrators, teach techniques, and provide digital information.

In addition, the magazine's open call for entries "The Choice", which is held every issue, has produced many popular illustrators such as Katsuhiko Hibino, Hideyasu Moto, Toshiyuki Fukuda, Noriko Nagasaki, and Miroko Machiko (honorifics omitted), and is always attracting attention from creators. It's a competition.


2022 Judges *Titles omitted

Machiko Kyou (manga artist), Yuichi Urushibara (graphic designer), Wataru Kakubari (representative of Kakubarism), Asuka Wakita (art director/graphic designer)

Organizer: Illustration | Genkosha




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