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A simple vertical canvas tote bag. The handle is the perfect length to carry over your shoulder.

“Since the tote bag is made of 'canvas' material in the first place, wouldn't it be okay if it itself could be a 'canvas' for painting...? ] is the beginning of this "TOTE AS CANVAS".

Just as children start scribbling as soon as they have a white flat surface and crayons, I want adults to feel the joy of drawing and the joy of having it appreciated by many people.
And if people with it come and go in the city, wouldn't it be fun to make the city look like a gallery?

Inspired by such a simple and unlikely inspiration, I created "TOTE AS CANVAS" from the tote bag brand ROOTOTE, and have been hosting the Art & Design Awards since 2003.

In 2004, we won the Good Design Award at the Good Design Awards established by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

Size: W39 x H40cm Handle length: 52cm

Material: Cotton

Pocket: 1 outside (external pocket, no zipper)

Country of origin: China

Accessories: B6 mini pencil, cloth for trial writing

The 19th Tote as Canvas Art & Design Award by ROOTOTE will be held.

Using the tote bag itself as a canvas, the plain tote bag "Tote as Canvas" was born to express art in the way you want. This is an art and design award where award-winning works are decided on October 10th (Tote Bag Day) every year as a place for everyone to present works made using that "Tote as Canvas".

Entry qualifications are open to professionals, amateurs, and groups, and the work can be done in oil, watercolor, acrylic, ink, handicrafts, photo transfer, or any other technique. All entries will be posted on the brand site “”.

The 19th entry deadline for 2022 is August 31, 2022 (Wednesday).

Click here for event details

Click here for how to enter

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