ROOTOTE×ARTIST Collaboration Vol.1

ROOTOTE x ARTIST Collaboration Vol.1

Tote bags are used by many people on a daily basis.
Viewing such tote bags as media, we disseminate art to the world through collaboration with various artists. An art collaboration project by ROOTOTE.
The first installment is contemporary artist Ushio Shinohara.

This is the original silk screen that will become your next tote bag. I created it 30-40 years ago, right after I came to New York, and I saw posters of the Ringling Brothers circus tiger being put up all over New York, and I thought it was great, and the image immediately came to mind. It's like a downtown Tiger. This one is called ``Tiger Roars'' (the title of the silkscreen).

I've never seen a Tiger before, so I used my wild imagination to come up with something like this. ``Tiger Roaring'' is a silkscreen masterpiece made with Ushio Shinohara's image of the king of the jungle, the tiger.

 It's nice to be able to burn this into your ROOTOTE bag and go around town. It feels like the artist's spirit is running through the town. Corona came the day before yesterday. He glared at me and told me to bite him.

A ``tiger roar'' filled with hope is definitely a hit. Rather than my spirit being beautifully displayed in a bag or in a gallery, I am the king of the jungle, running around town, in the mountains, downtown, even when it gets muddy. nice to meet you.

This collaboration features the song "Tiger Barking" created by Ushio Shinohara when he visited New York for the first time. One tote bag with a bold silk screen print on ROOTOTE's signature TALL and one with his signature boxing paint and "tiger barking" will be on sale.
Limited order production of up to 500 pieces of each type. A certification label with the edition and autograph by Ushio Shinohara will be sewn onto the product.
Eight silkscreens were used to express the power and color of the work.
His unique colors are layered to create depth and recreate the power of a tiger that looks like it's about to jump out at any moment.
ARTIST: Ushio Shinohara
Limited order production of up to 500 pieces of each type.
A certificate label with the edition and a handwritten signature by Ushio Shinohara will be sewn onto the product.
Reservation period: June 15, 2021 ~ July 15, 2021 12:00
Delivery schedule: Scheduled for the end of August
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