Akyuum × ROOTOTE Vol.2

Akyuum x ROOTOTE Vol.2

A tote bag that many people use on a daily basis.
Considering such a tote bag as a medium, through collaboration with various artists, we will send art to the world. Art collaboration project by ROOTOTE.

Illustrator and art director/designer Mr. Akyuum's work will be divided into three themes and introduced.

The second time is "Big flowers"

Flowers enrich life. To you and then to your heart, the whole corolla conveys pure feelings and expressions without turmoil.
There are various things that have quietly taken root in our lives, such as receiving gifts even though we did not expect them, seeking healing without such things, and suddenly noticing the flowers around us simply as something to appreciate. The flowers are growing bigger and bigger in the illustration along with the feelings of the characters.
The characters are surprised at the size of the flowers, a little confused, and a little embarrassed, while enjoying the fantastical charm of the flowers.


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-Product Information-


It's a big bouquet

Can I have a big bouquet?

children after sunset

flowers in the room


Size: W40×H44cm Handle 46cm
Pockets: 2 (1 outside / 1 inside)
Material: Cotton
Price: ¥4,400 (tax included)

Sales period: February 22, 12:00 PM to March 15, 11:59 AM
*It may take up to 10 days to ship. please note that

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Akyuum / Illustrator

An illustrator who is attracting attention for his unique idea of ​​blending realism with mysterious creativity that is not easy to understand at first glance, based on the concept of fantasy realistic.

Also, at the moment he does not show his true face and has a mysterious feeling such as using his own painting instead of an artist photo, but he has a long career as an in-house art director / designer, The hesitation in the existing framework that I feel there and the thinking that protrudes are the driving force for my creation.
There is no answer or goal for techniques such as illustration and drawing, which rely only on the senses that one feels inside oneself from everyday life. is producing

1998 Creative Character Contest Winner

Group exhibition " Trial & Error "
Graduated from Department of Graphics, Tama Art University
NHK Digital Stadium Award (Video work)
Office worker art director / designer
Illustrated Notebook 15th Notebook Exhibition Jury Prize
Group Exhibition Tambourine Gallery "Human Museum"
Group Exhibition Tambourine Gallery "Human Museum"
Selected for Illustration the Choice 2021
Illustration the Choice runner-up

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