nonomana / medium TOTE BAG / 606801


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“nonomana” is a product that is friendly to both people and the environment, so that you can enjoy the familiar “field”.

In addition to the basic colors that are suitable for all occasions, the light, firm and thin cotton fabric is double-coated to allow it to stand on its own, and the bottom plate makes it possible to carry things while keeping them stable. is.

It's a size that can neatly fit side dish packs, and you can set a commercially available plastic bag inside, so you can put soup inside without worry. It is also attractive that you can use it as many times as you like by simply replacing the plastic bag inside. Considering the environment and usability, we are particular about the details.

Color: Off-white (Ivory)

Size: W23×H26×D20cm, handle length 30cm

Material: Cotton (back side coating processing)

Pockets: 3 outside

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