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TRICOLOR ROO GARBAGE-30L (3 Pack) / 699801

TRICOLOR ROO GARBAGE-30L (3 Pack) / 699801

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A tote bag born from the idea of ​​"Let's take garbage home with memories". A 3-piece set of Lou Garbage that can be used indoors and outdoors and can also be used as a trash can.

Lightweight and excellent storage capacity. Pack your essentials for a picnic or BBQ, and set a garbage bag in the liner at your destination to use it as a dust box. On the way home, you can take out the garbage bag and put other luggage in it and take it home. Taking garbage home and taking out garbage is also smart.
It can also be used for dust boxes in offices and rooms. It corresponds to 30L garbage bag.

Color: Tricolor (Red, White, Blue)

Size: W30 x H40 x D20cm Handle 24cm

Material: Polypropylene

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