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Shinichiro Uchikura

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Shinichiro Uchikura / Photographer


Received the 41st Canon New Cosmos of Photography Excellence Award & Honorable Mention three times, won the 7th EMON AWARD Grand Prix, and was recommended for the 2022 Kimura Ihei Award. Such. 2023 solo exhibition at KG+pickup, Kyoto. KANA KAWANISHI PHOTOGRAPHY, Tokyo. PURPLE will be held in Kyoto. Photo books include ``Sea of ​​Oblivion'', ``My Portrait'' (published by Akaakasha), ``Floating Portrait'', and ``Early works 1: Street'', ``Early works 2: Portrait'', ``Yoshiko'' and ``Dog Warrior'' from KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY. Dan,” “November Star,” and “Collection” were published consecutively. In addition, his works are in the collection of the Kiyosato Photo Art Museum, and are exhibited at PARIS PHOTO, etc., expanding the scope of his activities.




sea ​​of ​​oblivion

I live and work in Miyazaki Prefecture. It is a town surrounded by the sea everywhere you look. There are many beautiful beaches that have been thoroughly cleaned by the government and volunteers. However, a little further away, out to sea, a completely opposite world spreads out. The seaside is as it is in modern society, where debris and illegally dumped items have been dumped and forgotten, and no one even dares to enter.

Plastics, gloves, toys, and carcasses of fish and birds, all of which have lost their vivid colors, have become trash. Things that come from far away places, caught in the waves of time, dried up by sunlight, and transformed into new forms. Traces of human involvement that evoke strange sensations that don't seem to belong to this world.

I was absorbed in collecting each piece of debris while looking down. I feel like the abandoned objects speak to me. Someone made it, it's in someone's hands, and it goes to the beach with the waves. And meet me. This series is a final portrait that records its final state.



Sea of ​​Oblivion No.0001



Sea of ​​Oblivion No.0002



Sea of ​​Oblivion No.0003



Sea of ​​Oblivion No.0004



Sea of ​​Oblivion No.0005



Sea of ​​Oblivion No.0006



Sea of ​​Oblivion No.0007



Sea of ​​Oblivion No.0008





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