Tomohide Ikeya

Tomohide Ikeya

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Tomohide Ikeya / Photographer

I started photography after I started diving as a hobby, so many of my works use water.
He creates works with the theme of "control" and has won numerous awards overseas and held exhibitions both domestically and internationally.



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-Awards- _

・Moscow International Foto Awards 2014 Bronze in a Book - Fine Art for “BREATH”
・International Photography Awards 2012 2nd place in People (other) for "MOON"
・PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS 2010 2nd place in Fine art (nudes) for "BREATH"
・Xto image award 2010 1st place in Body in Nature for “BREATH”
・International Photography Awards 2009 2nd place in Special (moving images) for "BREATH"
・International Photography Awards 2009 1st place in People (other) for "BREATH"
・PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS "WATER" Competition 2008 Honorable Mentions for "WAVE"&"BREATH"
・International Photography Awards 2007 1st place for "WAVE"



It was after I became deeply involved in the world of water that I came into contact with the existence of "life and death."
That was long before I started photography.
At that time, I happened to be invited to go diving, and the underwater world I saw for the first time stole my heart instantly.

Various phenomena that only occur in water. A beautiful phenomenon created by living organisms, water, and light.
They gave me a strong sense of elation and excitement.
In that world, it is difficult to walk like on the ground, and depending on the weather, you may not even be able to stand.
Training and careful preparation are required.
Above all, there is a limit to the amount of breath you can take.

In this world full of inconveniences,
This work focuses on ``breathing,'' which is the most important thing for living things to survive.

Breathing is essential for us, especially living organisms, to survive.
While I'm alive,
``It'' cannot be endured and is repeated, and when it is lost, it is judged as death.
I don't usually see it, and I don't think I'm even aware of it.
By separating ourselves from ``it,'' which is closely connected to life, we can face its true value and existence.
That's in the water.
Covered by water, the fear within a person comes to the surface.
Moreover, the inability to breathe reveals one's attachment to life.
I photograph their struggles and unpredictable situations.

When I saw a figure that could not move as I wanted, I felt that it was a person's way of life.
People encounter various difficulties in their lives.
No matter how much people try to break down the walls of inconvenience, there are limits and the essence will never change.
That inconvenience is also part of "living."
Isn't the essence of life to continue on the path we should live while resisting the death that is given to us equally?
It is not something that can be moved by calculation or science.
Life is not only about visible beauty,
Isn't this a true strength that one is born with?



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