illustration "The Choice" × ROOTOTE 15th Collaboration

illustration "The Choice" × ROOTOTE 15th Collaboration

This is the 15th collaboration between ROOTOTE and the magazine competition "The Choice" of "illustration," which has produced many popular illustrators and is said to be the gateway to becoming a professional.

Tote bags printed with the 37 works selected for 2023 will be on sale for a limited time from the dates and times listed below.

Sale period: June 1st 12:00 PM ~ July 24th 12:00 PM

Sales price: 3,850 yen (tax included)

Award-winning works

[Grand Prize]
Mayuko "4:00PM"

Artist's comment: My hobby is walking. I like strange things. I usually work as a barista in Tokyo, and I love coffee. If you have any illustration jobs or recommendations for cafes, please feel free to contact me!

【Outstanding performance award】
Masatoshi Tabuchi ""

I draw with a strong awareness that it will become a poster or book cover. (226 times)
The planned exhibition was over, and I was able to start drawing again. (228 times)

【Outstanding performance award】
Kikawada Miri ""
"Playing with colors as if playing with words, loosening up the way we perceive things," I would like to continue creating such works as if breathing, and add a little spice to the brilliance of people's emotions.

Manabeleo " "

I really want to have a big cat and pet it so much that it gets annoying. (226 comments)
I want to draw pictures that people living in the world 1000 years from now will consider. (229 views)


Technology has evolved so much that we can now draw pictures using text. In this rapidly changing world, I want to continue creating art while taking my drawing skills seriously.

I like the idea of ​​"people" beings that are a mixture of darkness (fear) and light. They are an eternal motif. My illustrations are inspired by the nostalgic sensations that suddenly grip my heart in my daily life.

Kondo Mayumi " "
Along with pursuing the things that interest me, I would also like to discover new scenery that arises from chemical reactions with people other than myself.

Kanako Tomono " "
I am interested in the perspective that changes depending on the subject, and recently I have been drawing illustrations that reflect this.

Mizukami Erika " "
I create artwork that captures interesting everyday scenes and gives a sense of story. I want to continue drawing illustrations that relate to everyday life.

List of winners (in alphabetical order)

R62, Ayako Akai, Yasuyuki Aratani, Akira Ikeda, VVIN, a, Ai Okino, Tomoka Orie, kigimura, Kimurato, Kyoko Komoda, Hina Kobayashi, satsuki, Satomi Shikano, Takahiro Shimada, June Izawa, Akemi Shin, SEIICHI, den, Nao, Erina Nitta, nemuro, Hisako, Miyuki Matsuoka, Erika Miyashita, Hiroyuki Takezo, Tomo Morimoto, Mako Yonezawa

About "illustration" "The Choice"

The magazine "illustration" is a specialized magazine founded in 1979. Aimed at professional illustrators, those aspiring to become professionals, and those who use illustrations, it introduces the works of popular illustrators, technique courses, digital information, and more. In addition, the magazine's open call for submissions "The Choice", which is held every issue, is a competition that has produced many popular illustrators such as Katsuhiko Hibino, Hideyasu Moto, Toshiyuki Fukuda, Kuniko Nagasaki, and Machiko Miroko (titles omitted), and is always attracting attention from creators. A total of 40 winners are selected throughout the year, and four judges meet together to vote and decide the winners in order of points. What kind of works did the 2023 judges, Shishiyamazaki (artist), Yuri Jonishi (art director/graphic designer), Isao Mitobe (book designer), and JUN OSON (artist), choose in their respective judging sessions? Please keep an eye out.

2023 Judges *Titles omitted

Shishiyamazaki (artist), Yuri Jonishi (art director and graphic designer), Isao Mitobe (book designer), JUN OSON (artist)

Organized by: Illustration | Genkosha


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