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ROOTOTE x nendo / Large ruck-tote / 976202

ROOTOTE x nendo / Large ruck-tote / 976202

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"Large" size of "ruck-tote", a bag that combines a rucksack and a tote.

The size is slightly larger than the first ruck-tote model, making it easier to put things in and take them out. In addition, the storage capacity has been improved by adding a new inner pocket.

The tote bag has a handle and an opening on the top, making it easy to check the contents and take things in and out while the bag is on your shoulder. On the other hand, the rucksack has a handle that is attached to the side, so it fits close to the body, and the cushioning and length adjustment function of the straps make it less tiring. I wanted to combine the convenience of both, so I designed a bag that feels like a backpack while on the move, but also allows you to smoothly take things in and out like a tote.

The shape of the bag is a slightly peculiar pentagonal shape, and by doing this, the center of gravity is biased. Become. And if you tilt the bag a little, the opening will be "upward" this time, so you can use it like a tote. The details of the shoulder straps and metal fittings are as “rucksack-like” as possible, and the fabric is “tote-like” canvas. I'm trying to be too.


<Representative of design office nendo / Mr. Oki Sato>

Born in Canada in 1977 . Graduated from Waseda University Graduate School of Architecture in 2002 and established design office nendo in the same year. He was selected as one of Newsweek magazine's " 100 Japanese People Respected by the World" and has won numerous global design awards, including EDIDA's " Designer of the Year " (2012 ) . Representative works are stored in museums around the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York ( USA ) . Responsible for the Tokyo 2020 cauldron design. Currently, in addition to working on the design of the new French high-speed train TGV for the 2024 Paris Olympics, he is also the general producer of the Japanese Government Pavilion at the Osaka Kansai Expo scheduled to be held in 2025 .

Size: W46 x H51 x D5cm Shoulder length: 100cm

Material: outer cotton / lining polyester

Color: 02 / Black
Outer pocket: 1

Inside pocket: 1

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