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ROOTOTE × Yuichi Yokoyama / Neo Manga Tote Sesna / 535301

ROOTOTE × Yuichi Yokoyama / Neo Manga Tote Sesna / 535301

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"Tall" is a basic vertical tote bag.
"Neo Manga Tote" is a collaboration between manga artist/artist Yuichi Yokoyama and tote bag specialty brand ROOTOTE.

Yuichi Yokoyama is an artist and manga artist.

Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1967. Graduated from Musashino Art University oil painting department. He used to create fine art, but since 2000 he has published manga, saying, "I can express time." His creative works, later called "neo-manga," have been highly acclaimed in various fields. Currently active as a contemporary artist. His publications include New Civil Engineering, Travel, NIWA, Baby Boom, Between World Maps (East Press), Outdoor (Kodansha), Room (Harmonica Books), and an art book Yuichi Yokoyama Color. Artbook” (Blue Mark). It has also been translated and published in Europe and the United States.

Size: W38.5 x H38.5 x D10cm Handle: 60cm

Material: Cotton

Color: 01 / White
Inside pocket: 1

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