ai fujishima. × ROOTOTE Vol.2

ai fujishima. × ROOTOTE Vol.2

A tote bag that many people use on a daily basis.

Considering such a tote bag as a medium, through collaboration with various artists, we will send art to the world. Art collaboration project by ROOTOTE.

This time, we will introduce the works of illustrator ai fujishima., divided into two themes.

The second time is " PLAYFUL "

I became an adult and became able to use money freely

I can no longer remember the whereabouts of my beloved stuffed animal

My friend's hand and crayons that I always held in my hand became my smartphone before I knew it.

Deciding on “normal” or “common sense” and challenging something less


I started thinking about various things in a complicated way.

Although it may be difficult to keep the simple and pure feelings like when I was a child


That's why

Always remember the excitement and excitement

Don't push yourself too hard


So that you can live a playful and colorful life even after many years.


 playful: [meaning] playful, cheerful, cheerful

ai fujishima.

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ai fujishima. / Illustrator
Born in 1995.
I draw unrealistic and absurd things like daydreams


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-Product Information-

hide and seek


shadow play

doll play


Sale period: August 16th PM12:00 - September 6th PM12:00
Color: Off-white
Size: W40 x H39 x D9cm Handle 57cm
Material: Cotton
Pockets: 1 outside, 2 inside
*It may take up to 10 days to ship. please note that.

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