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[Pre-order sales] ANDY WARHOL / Po-No "Cow" / 829601

[Pre-order sales] ANDY WARHOL / Po-No "Cow" / 829601

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Jacquard expresses COW, Warhol's representative work, and the words he left behind.


Inspired by the hat in the sample room of a knit factory. The rounded form is attractive.

The gusset also has plenty of storage capacity, and although it is a knit, it can stand on its own.
You can put things roughly and use it like a basket. The side has a roux pocket like a kangaroo's belly pocket. The pocket part is woven together with the main body, making it seamless.


Size: W34×H25 ×D17cm
Color: Yellow
Material: Polyurethane Jacquard pocket: 1 outside

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