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Baluko Laundry Place × ROOTOTE / FUROSHIKI / 965701

Baluko Laundry Place × ROOTOTE / FUROSHIKI / 965701

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<Furoshiki> is a furoshiki-based tote bag. When unfolded, it is just the right size to use on the standard tatami stand (size 100cm x 150cm) found in Baluko Laundry Place. After washing, you can spread the <Furoshiki> on the tatami mat and fold the laundry on top of it to take it home.

The bottom is the size that two folded T-shirts line up, and it can hold about 35 liters of laundry. With a roux pocket on the outside that can be used as a fixed position for smartphones and cards. It is a convenient specification that can be carried compactly. The color is black, which is the key color of Baluko Laundry Place. It goes well with any fashion regardless of the season.

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Size: W45 x H50 x D28cm / Unfolded: W100 x H100cm
Color: Black Material: Polyester Pocket: 1 outside Capacity: Maximum approx. 35L

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