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Tote bag printed MASKROS designed by Kjell Bolin

Size: W26.5 x H33.5 x 5.5cm Handle 32cm
Pocket: Outside 1
Material: Organic cotton
* Due to the characteristics of the print, the pattern will be different one by one.

Trad means "tree" in Swedish, and the design was inspired by the "elm tree riot" that occurred in 1971. This uproar was caused by the construction of a subway entrance in the Royal Park in Stockholm due to urban development. An event that the station was to be created by moving several hundred meters ahead. These elm trees are still planted in the park, and the design depicts a dynamic elm tree full of vitality.

Anna-Lene Emden

Born in 1942. Started his career as a designer for the textile company “Almedehls”, and has also worked on a wide range of non-textile designs such as wallpaper, toys, and ceramics for “IKEA” and “KNEPP”. There are many playful and familiar patterns such as floral patterns and zoo patterns. He now runs a small art gallery with a friend in Wenersborg, a small town with a big lake.

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